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We will be Guests on The Coffee o’clock!

We are going to be guests on The Coffee o’clock Instagram Live and Podcast Show on December 16 at 9:30 am (Istanbul time, GMT +3) in English, we will discuss Social Music at The Coffee o’clock Instagram Live Show and Podcast.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Joyy! Marketing and Coaching, offering coaching sessions and motivational speeches for employee happiness, as well as digital marketing consulting and the creation of authentic branding for companies.

Since 2020, The Coffee o’clock Instagram Live Show and Podcast has featured numerous special entrepreneurs and speakers from around the world, each sharing an inspirational story and expertise to enhance the audience’s personal and professional lives.

We are looking forward to having YOU join us!!

You can tune in through Social Music’s Instagram Account: @Socialglobalmusic or Burcu’s Instagram Account: @joyyburcu.

The Instagram Live Show will be converted into a podcast on Apple and Spotify a few days after the show.

You can find previous The Coffee o’clock episodes from the link below:


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