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  • Social Music went online with the pandemic, workshops and music productions were moved to Instagram / Zoom.

  • The mother's day song went viral and reached 5m views with the rest of the 20 collective song videos.

  • We made videos and online workshops in the same format for many companies such as Gilead, Brisa, Aktif Bank, and Gilead.

  • International projects and personalized songs services had been started.

  • Corporate music services moved under İşte Music.

  • ETS, Gelal, Dynavit took part in Otopark Music jingle brands.

  • Regular workshops at event venues such as Bomontiada Alt and Container has started, following the joining of actresses Elif Özsüt and Nur Dilara Gül to the Social Music team.

  • TEDxReset Yapi Kredi, ING, Turkey Marketing Conference and a total of 44 workshops, in 5 different cities, we reached 2,500 participants.

  • English workshops, children's workshops and collective song productions started.

  • Allianz, Vestel, ABC, Turk Telekom, Türkiye Petrolleri has been added to Otopark Music jingle brands.

  • Social music held its first corporate workshop for Peyman.

  • 2 movie scores and the soundtracks has been produced in addition to the jingle works of Otopark Music.

  • Ahmet Beyler made the a launch of their "Spreading Love" single, featuring famous Italian - Turkish pop artist Zeynep Casalini, at Babylon Venues Istanbul. They took the stage in biggest rock festival in Turkey, Zeytinli.

  • The Social Music concept was reorganized by Emre and Eren as a workshop independent from concerts.

  • The first workshops were held at Atolye Istanbul and Guitar Live.

  • The jingles for brands such as Regal and Mynet was made by Otopark Music.

  • Eren and Emre quit their corporate jobs at QNB Finansbank and advertising agency  respectivaley and changed their careers to establish Otopark Music.

  • Ahmet Beyler band's free lyrical improvisations on stage with the audience has been renamed as Social Music.

  • Social Music brand registration / patent was taken.

  • We made our first jingle for Sberbank / Denizbank with the song "Tam Bir Denizci".

  • Ahmet Beyler's first album " Hayat Nerde " was released.

  • Emre joined Ahmet Beyler.

  • Ahmet Beyler band founded by Eren started to make improvised songs with the audience during their concerts.

  • On the stage, improvised songs on the specified topic were performed by both the band members and the audience.

  • These perfomances inspired the Social Music concept.

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