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Collective Songs Workshop

We produce songs together with the collective songs workshop designed according to your team spirit, communication, participation and motivation needs, and we strengthen our ties with ourselves and our team.



  • Participants are put into the appropriate mode with ice-breaker and energy-boosting games.

  • A collective song is produced with the contributions of all participants on a topic determined in accordance with the event / meeting theme.

  • It is said in unison accompanied by live music, and a strong closing is made in accordance with the theme of the event.​




  • Number of participants: Small group circle (up to 50 people), Large group work/interactive seminar  (50-750)

  • Duration: From 20 minutes - up to 2 full days

  • Type: Face to face, Online

  • Language: Turkish / English / Mixed

  • Usage areas: Company events (such as year-end / dealer meeting), interactive seminar / conference, special days (mother's day, etc.) or in-team motivation / team spirit, orientation

  • Requirements: Stage, Sound System (Microphones, Mixer, Speakers)



​For Employees;

  • Motivation

  • Improvement in communication skills

  • Better relationships with teammates 

  • Stress reduction

  • Increased self-confidence, self-expression

For Company;​

  • Developing team spirit

  • Being a preferred/attractive company

  • Increasing employee engagement

  • Awareness

  • Ice breaker, energy booster


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Collective Songs workshops can also be held with large groups of hundreds of people.

It can be designed as 2 full days or 4 half days with a certain number of participants. At the end of the training, there is a concert by the employee choir.

This is how we explain it ♫

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