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  • How does music affect people's life?

  • What is the place of music in our life?

  • Music, sounds that correspond to mood and mood swings

  • How can we make our emotional state positive with music?

  • How does singing affect the human body and soul?

  • How do we sing?

  • Breath work (Active breathing)

  • Working on a specific song

  • Finale: Closing with selected songs



  • Number of participants: 5 - 50 people
    Duration: 2 episodes total 3 hours (can be extended by adding episodes on request)

  • Type: Face-to-face or online (less number of participants)

  • Language: Turkish

  • Uses: Private company events, company camps, new year events

  • Requirements: PET bottle half-filled with water, pipet, baloon, microphone (lapel microphone if possible)



One of the important keys to feeling more flexible, more fluid and lighter in daily life is music. However, for most company employees, music is an atmospheric situation that comes from afar in markets or stores. People think that they need to be educated or very talented in order to enter their personal life, and they act with their own limits. However, music is a good conductor for our emotions and daily feelings.

*Here, it is aimed to reach people who think that they do not have the right to engage in musical activities, that they are no longer self-conscious or have no talent. .

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